Past Life Regression

Many of us have certain feelings or hunches that do not seem to have explanations in our histories or conscious memories:

  • You feel an uncanny connection with someone – positive or negative – as though you have known that person before somehow, intimately, yet you barely know him or her or perhaps not at all.
  • You sense a strong affinity to a certain time and/or place (Scotland in the 1700s, say), though you have never been there and really know very little about that place or period.
  • You have certain tastes in music, art, jewelry or clothes that you cannot account for: you were never exposed to these things and know almost nothing about them, yet somehow they resonate deep within you.
  • You sometimes have a weird sense of being or having been someone else, that you cannot explain or even pin down.
  • You dream repeatedly of being in another place and time.
  • You are at a transition point in your life and it feels like, somehow, you have gone through all this before.
  • You have a feeling somewhere in your body, a pain, stiffness, or an ache, that neither you nor any doctor has ever been able to explain, yet it persists and refuses to go away.
  • Sometimes one of your parents feels to you more like your child, or your child more like a parent or sibling.
  • You feel the need for some guidance in your life, but have never found anyone or anything able to provide what you need.
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An allergy is a mistake your immune system makes

An allergy is a mistake – a phobia in your immune system. It has, at some point, misidentified a harmless substance as a poison or parasite.  Using NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programing) and hypnosis, we re-program your immune system and eliminate the allergic reaction.


The process works best when you know specifically what you are allergic to.  “Oak pollen” is better than just “pollen;” “Cats” is better than “pets.”

Your immune system is part of the mind/body system.  It is in constant contact with your brain and your limbic system; it sometimes acts independently of other systems in the body.  Your immune system is always on guard to protect your body from harmful substances.  It is composed of several different kinds of cells, each with its own function.

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Pre- and Post-surgery hypnosis

Recently I needed to have a small cyst removed from the lower lid of my right eye. It seemed like no big deal — the surgery would be done by an ophthalmic plastic surgeon as an outpatient procedure, under local anesthetic. But even for this minor surgery, at my initial appointment, the doctor spoke of possible bruising and swelling afterwards, and he said he would prescribe painkillers to reduce my discomfort.

I hoped I could avoid all that, or most of it — I didn’t want a black eye and I certainly didn’t want to be in pain or have to take drugs to control it. So I wrote myself a few lines, to the effect that...

  1. I was part of a highly competent team that would carry out this procedure quickly and easily.
  2. My skin would be easy to cut without pulling or stress.
  3. I would experience no unnecessary bleeding, swelling, or bruising.
  4. My healing would be easy and rapid.

Several times before the surgery, I took myself into hypnosis and read my little script to myself.

To my delight, everything came out exactly as scripted: the cutting was easy and quick, I had very little bleeding, and afterwards, almost no swelling or bruising. And no pain — I never took a single pill!

Since that time I have worked with a number of clients who were about to have surgery, and each had an excellent outcome.

I will work with you so that you will remain calm and confident before and during your surgery (or dental work) and to prepare your mind and body to do their part in making the process easy and distress-free. And most important, to minimize after-effects, including pain, swelling, bleeding, and bruising, and promote and easy and rapid healing and recovery. You have the power within you, and I have the training and skill to help you make this a reality.

Studies show that hypnosis is very effective in preparing patients for surgery and helping them heal afterwards. For articles about the effectiveness of pre- and post-surgical hypnosis, go to Google Scholar and search “pre-surgery hypnosis.”


How to get unstuck

The How to Get Unstuck™ program enables you to re-program yourself for a happy, healthy and more effective life. The secret? — learning to use your imagination to get everything you want out of life.

Imagine yourself, just for a moment, totally free of everything and anything that is holding you back. Imagine a you that is completely ready, willing and able to get more out of life. If you can do that, you are on your way.

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Hypnosis before surgery

Just one hypnosis session can significantly improve the outcome of a surgery and the healing and recovery afterwards.  Numerous studies published in medical journals show that often less anesthesia is needed, operating times are shorter, and patients have fewer complications, less post-operative pain, and heal faster.  Hypnosis helps patients feel relaxed and positive in body and mind – before, during, and after surgery.

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A Raised Pinkie

One evening in a Hypnosis Practice Group, I was part of a group of three practicing “simple” hypnotic inductions on each other. The Practice Group was part of the Hypnosis-NLP DC Area Meetup, a group I helped organize.

We had been working our way through the exercises in Trance-formations, by John Grinder and Richard Bandler (1981, Real People Press, Moab, UT). Trance-formations is the take by founders of NLP on Ericksonian hypnosis (after Milton H. Erickson, MD); this was our second meeting on this topic.

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I often wonder what is going through a new client’s mind when she or he comes into my office.  What are they expecting?  What are they feeling?  Curiosity?  Excitement?  Apprehension (“What’s this guy going to do to me?”)?

Of course the ones who are really terrified of hypnosis, or object to it on religious grounds, do not usually come to see me.  Yet some are desperate; for them, hypnosis is a final resort; they have tried everything else (except drugs, which many fear even more than hypnosis, and for good reason) without resolving their issue, and in a last-ditch effort they push past their fears and call the hypnotist.

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I Want to Forget Him

“Can you make me forget someone?” she said to me over the phone.

“Tell me a little more.”

“My boyfriend – my ex-boyfriend, that is. I want to forget him, forget all about him, like he never existed, like I never even met him. Can you hypnotize me to totally forget him?”

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The Trance in “Trance”: Hypnotherapy On-screen and Off

The movie “Trance” is one of the better depictions of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in cinema. Though sensationalized (it’s a psycho-thriller, after all), the representation is refreshingly accurate.

Hypnotherapists usually begin with a pre-talk, which sets a framework (and is the beginning of the hypnosis) and follow with an induction, guiding the client into a hypnotic state. (This is less necessary in subsequent sessions, when the client is used to going into trance.) The movie shows little or none of this (perhaps they were afraid of people in the audience going into trance themselves – not at all unlikely). We do see what follows: the suggestions, the guided imagery, and especially, the results of hypnosis as experienced by the characters.

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Into Hypnosis, Part I

I have been interested in hypnosis since I was a child. I used to watch Smilin’ Ed’s Gang on TV (later Andy’s Gang, after Smilin’ Ed McConnell died and Andy Devine took over), starting around age 7. There, “Froggy the Gremlin,” that irascible puppet, would introduce the day’s story, one of several serials. (Froggy could be very disrespectful to adults; he has been blamed for the youth rebellion of the 60s, though I doubt that all of it was his fault.)

The serial I liked best was set in India. It was about a young teenage boy, Gunga, battling the murderous fire cult that had killed his parents (foreshadowing Harry Potter). Gunga’s younger sidekick, Rama, was always getting captured by the cult’s leader, an evil magician. The magician would smash a ceramic bowl on the ground; then, through Rama’s eyes, we would watch amazed as the bowl shards came back together, and we would know that Rama had been hypnotized – now he could be made to tell secrets, betray his friends – made to do anything! To me it was frightening – and fascinating.  (Rama always got away, somehow.)

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Into hypnosis, Part II

Continuing from Into Hypnosis, Part I...Having had one positive experience, I went looking for more hypnosis sites on the web. There are lots of them, of all varieties: scholarly articles, hypnotherapists, sites offering to teach you hypnosis, sites offering to hypnotize you, videos of people being hypnotized and people hypnotizing, hypnodommes and hypnodoms, and the modern equivalent of the old comic book “Hypnotize your friends!, make anyone do your bidding!” ads. I perused probably hundreds of sites, watched videos, downloaded and listened to hypnosis recordings, read ebooks. I joined Yahoo groups dedicated to hypnosis and chatted with people here and abroad who shared my fascination.

A month or so later I mentioned to my wife that I was interested in hypnosis – the first time I had told anyone. She was, to say the least, surprised (she likes to think she knows everything there is to know about me, and here was a deep, dark secret she knew nothing about). When she recovered, a few days later, she asked me where I wanted to go with this.  I said I didn’t really know – but I started to think about it.

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My Lunch with Wendi

I parked my rental car in front of the Dushanbe Tea House, my first stop on the way home from a wonderful weekend assisting at a Core Transformation training in Boulder, Colorado. It was a beautiful, sunny Monday, the last day of February, with only a slight chill in the air. Since I was a half-hour early, I took a little walk, though Central Park and past the bandstand, towards the gleaming mountains that seemed almost close enough to touch, then right on Broadway, exploring around the block (but as Wendi told me later, I missed the fabulous Pearl Street Mall, only a block further north).

The Tea House is a gift from the city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Boulder’s sister city in Central Asia (next time I am in Dushanbe, remind me to check out Boulder’s return gift). When I got back there I was still fifteen minutes early; I went inside, glanced around to make sure I was first, and was seated at a table where I could see the door. At the table next to me a young mother was trying to keep track of the items her youngest child was throwing from his high chair onto the floor. The baby turned around and smiled at me, as his slightly older sister proudly introduced herself.

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How to Get Girls With Hypnosis

Question posted on my website:
 I’m in the “Friendzone” with a girl… if she gets hypnotized, is it possible for her to like me more?
— BD

BD –
Thanks for contacting me.

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What is Hypnosis, Anyway?

It’s a bright, relatively warm day in early December; I’m having lunch with my friend Marlena (of “But I Don’t FEEL Sixty …” fame) at the Little Bakery Café.

“So what is hypnosis, anyway?” she says.

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Get Help Now Online, with Hypnotherapist Donald Pelles

Added stress and worry in these hard times

“I’m so worried!” one friend tells me. “This stress is unbearable!” says another. In these unprecedented times, all of this is heaped on top of whatever else we had bothering us before.

We worry now about very real possibilities: sickness and death, about jobs and income, about getting groceries and other necessities – not just or even mainly for our own selves but for our spouses, our parents, our children, colleagues, neighbors, our nation, about the economy, about humanity itself.


All these things weigh upon our hearts and upon our spirits, even though at this moment we ourselves may sheltered, well, and not hungry.


I can help, online, with Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Life Coaching

If any of this applies to you, including all that you were struggling with before this crisis, you may want to consider doing a few sessions with me online. I am a hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach. I guide clients to resolve their short- and longer-term issues, so they can live their lives fully and don’t have to “settle.”

People settle, for things in their lives they don’t really like, that they feel powerless to change.

I work with both the conscious and unconscious aspects, sometimes indirectly, in ways that engender changes on both of these levels.


I enable and empower my clients to open up to new directions and possibilities, to new ways of feeling, thinking, doing, and being.


I work with you no matter where you are in the world

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Sit or lie, get comfortable, and close your eyes.


Now open up your hearing and bring in everything you can hear - extend your sense of hearing so you become aware of the sounds inside and outside you,  sounds near and far, even the silence beyond, all at the same time. Imagine you are floating in a sea of sound.

Gently open your eyes, but keep them out of focus, staring blankly into space without actually looking at anything, as you might do in a daydream, as you begin to consciously connect with yourself as a body-mind-spirit sitting there. Become aware of the colors and shapes in front of your eyes and at the same time, everything you hear.

Now, add to this everything you feel. Become aware the sensations of air on your face and your hands, the clothes on your body, the pressure of the surface you're resting upon. Become aware of your heartbeat, of your breath coming in and out. - and at the same time, the shapes and colors in front of your eyes and everything you hear.

And if there are any smells or tastes you are aware of, bring them in too.

And be here, aware of everything coming in through your five senses, all at the same time. Float in a sea of sensation.

And if thoughts come, that's fine - let them come and let them go, like a butterfly flying in one window and out another.

Aware of the space around you, in front of you, on both sides, above and below, behind you. And this awareness extends out and out - there is no boundary or edge to it - it is all around and through you.

And if you can, get a sense of the you, the I, that is perceiving all of this, and where it is, its location. [long pause]

Now (if you like), maintaining the same state, stand up. Walk across the room (or outside), aware of the shifting of your balance, the contact points of your feet as you walk.

Then sit or lie back as before, maintaining the same state, aware of everything coming in through your five senses.

You can do this for two minutes or for twenty. You can do it sitting, lying, standing, walking. You might want to do it lying in bed, as you are about to sleep


And when you are ready to come back, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and release, bringing yourself all the way back to everyday time, space, and awareness - and when you are ready, you can open your eyes.