An allergy is a mistake your immune system makes

An allergy is a mistake – a phobia in your immune system. It has, at some point, misidentified a harmless substance as a poison or parasite.  Using NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programing) and hypnosis, we re-program your immune system and eliminate the allergic reaction.


The process works best when you know specifically what you are allergic to.  “Oak pollen” is better than just “pollen;” “Cats” is better than “pets.”

Your immune system is part of the mind/body system.  It is in constant contact with your brain and your limbic system; it sometimes acts independently of other systems in the body.  Your immune system is always on guard to protect your body from harmful substances.  It is composed of several different kinds of cells, each with its own function.

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Pre- and Post-surgery hypnosis

Recently I needed to have a small cyst removed from the lower lid of my right eye. It seemed like no big deal — the surgery would be done by an ophthalmic plastic surgeon as an outpatient procedure, under local anesthetic. But even for this minor surgery, at my initial appointment, the doctor spoke of possible bruising and swelling afterwards, and he said he would prescribe painkillers to reduce my discomfort.

I hoped I could avoid all that, or most of it — I didn’t want a black eye and I certainly didn’t want to be in pain or have to take drugs to control it. So I wrote myself a few lines, to the effect that...

  1. I was part of a highly competent team that would carry out this procedure quickly and easily.
  2. My skin would be easy to cut without pulling or stress.
  3. I would experience no unnecessary bleeding, swelling, or bruising.
  4. My healing would be easy and rapid.

Several times before the surgery, I took myself into hypnosis and read my little script to myself.

To my delight, everything came out exactly as scripted: the cutting was easy and quick, I had very little bleeding, and afterwards, almost no swelling or bruising. And no pain — I never took a single pill!

Since that time I have worked with a number of clients who were about to have surgery, and each had an excellent outcome.

I will work with you so that you will remain calm and confident before and during your surgery (or dental work) and to prepare your mind and body to do their part in making the process easy and distress-free. And most important, to minimize after-effects, including pain, swelling, bleeding, and bruising, and promote and easy and rapid healing and recovery. You have the power within you, and I have the training and skill to help you make this a reality.

Studies show that hypnosis is very effective in preparing patients for surgery and helping them heal afterwards. For articles about the effectiveness of pre- and post-surgical hypnosis, go to Google Scholar and search “pre-surgery hypnosis.”


Breathing through her foot

Win Wenger, Ph.D. has been studying and writing about breathing patterns for over 40 years.  He began with observing his own children.  His book, Beyond O.K. – Psychegenic Tools Relating to Health of Body and Mind (1979, Psychegenics Press) has a chapter, Breathing As A Way Of Life, in which he describes a number of breathing patterns and their uses.

Of course breathing techniques and practices have been central to traditions around the world for thousands of years, in particular the various Yoga traditions (especially Pranayama and Hatha Yoga). Win’s observations and techniques surely parallel some of those, but he makes them and their uses very accessible without one having to become immersed in these traditions.

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Review of BEDSIDE MANNERS, by Michael Ellner

Bedside Manners: The Pain Clinician’s Guide to Effective Medical Communication, by Michael Ellner, MSH, CHT
Review by Donald Pelles, Ph.D., CHt.

This short book can change your medical (dental, social work, therapy, etc.) practice – even your life.

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Dental Hypnosis

Imagine yourself – relaxed and at-ease in the dental chair.

See yourself moving beyond what used to seem like limitations, experiencing your procedure in well-being and serenity.

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Men's Health Week

I heard this joke the other day: A new man checks into the nursing home and one of the women residents begins to question him.

Woman: And where were you before you came here?
Man: Prison!
Woman: Oh.  And what were you there for?
Man: Murder!
Woman: Oh.  And whom did you kill.
Man: My wife.  I beat her, stabbed her until she was dead, and cut up her body!
Woman: Oh . . . . . . So that means … you’re single?

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