Hypnosis for Body Building - Guest Blog

by Harrish Sairaman


Body building involves more than physical actions – it also requires a particular mindset that enables the person to stick to his/her fitness routines. Developing this mindset is something that not everyone does, so not everyone becomes successful at building their muscles.


It is a known fact and validated by many athletes that the performance is a combination of mind and body and at a mind level


Aspiring body builders who realize the importance of mental control often turn to hypnotherapy. The therapy deals with the mind itself. These smart body builders realize that since everything the body does is directed by the mind, in order to work well with the body, one must work well with the mind.



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Relax To Go Faster

I was a track star in high school.  Ok, a minor track star, but I was one.  I remember one day this freshman coming up to me in the hall, a little awestruck:


“Can you beat Ernest McCraney?”

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Sports Hypnosis

In the movie “Let’s Do It Again” (Warner Brothers, 1975), Clyde (Sidney Poitier) hypnotizes emaciated boxer Bootnie Farnsworth (Jimmie Walker, “JJ” on “Good Times”) into believing himself invincible (“Something I picked up in the Army”, says Clyde.  Walker becomes a beast – ferocious, he even snarls!).  Bootnie destroys the heavy favorite and Clyde and his partner Billy (Bill Cosby) clean up on their bet (that is, until the thugs show up).


Both before and ever since Bootnie’s tranced triumph, sports hypnosis has been producing real life champions.  Ken Norton, a 7-1 underdog, trained with hypnosis before beating Muhammed Ali (and breaking Ali’s jaw) in their famous 1973 fight.  (Ali began using hypnosis soon after).  Tiger Woods, Mary Lou Retton, Rod Carew, Nolan Ryan, George Foreman, Jimmy Connors, Greg Louganis, and Wayne Gretzky stand out among the thousands of pro and amateur athletes who have utilized hypnosis to give themselves that mental edge in their training, their performance, and in winning and setting records.  And then there’s Phil Jackson.

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