An Update on my practice

An Update On My Practice

Still working only over Zoom

I am continuing to work with clients over Zoom, but at this time, not in the office. COVID numbers, both new cases and deaths, continue to rise, in Maryland and in the country as a whole. And apparently, the now prevalent BA.4 and BA.5 variants are no respecters of vaccines or previous bouts of COVID.

I love my Kensington hypnotherapy office and working with you in person, but I can assure you that working online is every bit as effective. in every respect.


A variety of issues

I continue to help clients with a wide variety of issues - even though the marketing advice has always been to specialize, to find my "niche", I have never been able to do that. So I help people stop smoking, reduce or eliminate using weed, cocaine, or alcohol - with great success. Clients come to me to stop intrusive, repetitive negative thoughts, to feel comfortable speaking (or just being) in groups, to be able to drive comfortably over bridges, through tunnels, and on freeways, to overcome the effects of childhood (or later) trauma, to sleep better, or to just find their way in life when they feel they have lost it or feel stuck. I help them all and I love doing it!


Talks and presentations

I recently did an online interview with GoSolo, and a live online class with Washington Metro Oasis. I also gave two presentations for North Bethesda Middles School's Career Day 2020 - utterly delightful talking about hypnosis and hypnotherapy with these curious and engaged young people!.

My live presentations are all "interactive" - there is hypnosis involved (for those who wish to participate). Over the years I have given presentations at senior centers, senior living communities, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs, churches, and BNI groups. I love doing these, and my audiences love them too!

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