To schedule a [free] 20-minute phone consultation (or have me contact you), go here.

Online hypnotherapy sessions, wherever you are in the world.

Hypnotherapy session over Skype, Zoom, or mobile phone

I can work with you over the Internet wherever you are located. All we have to do is to set appointment times that are convenient for both of us, across our respective time zones.


I have been practicing online hypnosis for a number of years with clients all over the world; I can tell you that it works very well.


The ways I work with clients are just as effective online as they are in-person: we see each other, hear and respond to one another’s voices, and feel the interconnection that is so important in this kind of healing and transformative work.


Any recordings that I make during our session, I send to you via email, so that you can listen from your phone, tablet, or computer.


How to set up an appointment online

The first step is to contact me by email or phone, to schedule a no-cost phone (or Skype) consultation. During that call you can tell me about what’s on your mind, the issues you want to address, and if we agree to continue, schedule an Initial Consultation or a package of several hypnotherapy sessions. I send you an intake form to fill out and return. We do the sessions themselves over Zoom, or possibly with FaceTime – very easy to work with.


To schedule a [free] 20-minute phone consultation (or have me contact you), go here.


Here is a video of a full-length online Core Transformation Session.


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