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Spiritual Life Coaching

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With Spiritual Life Coaching, you become aware of your personal and professional goals and discover resources - including spiritual resources - for transforming per- ceived obstacles into gateways, to foster change and help you achieve what you want.


A spiritual life coach helps you find the answers and resources from within the your own experience. The coach is not a guru: we guide you in finding and accessing your own spiritual states and resources.


We lead you to go beyond the mere solving of problems, to existential/spiritual states such as Oneness, Presence, Beingness, Wholeness, or Awareness, sometimes perceived as a sense of “God” or universal Love or consciousness, perhaps as a journey to becoming one's true self, more and more fully.


A spiritual life coach helps you integrate spirituality with a well-functioning life. It isn’t just about sitting alone in a room in a spiritual state; it’s also about expressing this inner state through taking action in the world.



A life coach, with or without a spiritual emphasis, can help you achieve a wide range of goals, such as feeling happier, being more relaxed, improving your relationships, or taking appropriate actions. But sometimes obstacles, things in the way that seem to keep you from achieving some of these goals.


You want to be happier, for instance, but you feel burdened with shame or guilt. You are always worrying about what others think of you. You are anxious, sad, or (say) there's this voice in your head that keeps telling you you're "not good enough."



We help you explore the obstacles, and then to discover to the resources - deep, inner spiritual resources - to transform them. Some of these resource states can be described as “Beingness” or “Wholeness," a sense of being one’s own true inner essence. They will differ from person to person, or even in relation to different aspects of the same individual.


Fostering change, achieving goals.

Accessing spiritual resources is already wonderful. But we will guide you to utilize them to transform obstacles into gateways. Among the many methodologies that spiritual life coaches may use, Core Transformation and Wholeness stand out as a powerful, effective, and gentle ways to reach these spiritual states and use them to change your feelings, thinking, and behaviors.

Beliefs or experience?

Some spiritual approaches rely heavily on beliefs. The intention is that when the client has enough understanding of spirituality, this will lead to a spiritual experience. This is the “belief first” approach. 

Here's where spiritual coaching is very different from the guru-type approach. With many spiritual teachers, they are the ones who can access spiritual states, and their students tend to view them as the source of spirituality. Students hope that by spending time in the presence of such a guru, some of their spirituality will rub off on the student.

Our approach is the opposite: with Core Transformation and Wholeness, we guide you in finding and accessing your own spiritual states. From there, you may spontaneously have insights - or not. This is the “experience first” approach.

And you will learn to do this on your own, so that ultimately, you are not dependent upon the coach.


Here is a recording of a full-length Core Transformation session: Core Transformation with Catherine, Session 1.