Testimonials From a Few Valued Clients

"A testimonial to Donald Pelles for his insightful, caring and energizing work. I recommend him especially for help in overcoming unwanted habits, building self-confidence , while teaching ways to know. develop and enhance the self. A good guide, thank you."

Jeanne, Washington, D.C.

"I had a great drive with my kids to see their grandparents in NC. I did not pick at my scalp! Miracle. I continue to have great success. My head does itch and I do scratch it. I am able to recognize when it's due to having an actual dry scalp feeling or a reaction to stress. Luckily, if my hand goes up to scratch due to stress, it comes right back down. I don't get stuck scratching. I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you. Your work with me has really stuck with me, and I am so much happier because I have broken a bad habit. Miracle. Miracle. Miracle. I am amazed by the simplicity of the visualizations yet their impact is immeasurable!"

Kim Hughes, Maryland

"I have been gaining and losing a great deal of weigh for most of my life, as I bounced from on diet to another in between extensive periods of binging.  I contacted Don Pelles after doing a bit of research into hypnosis and self-hypnosis, and recently completed an eight-session regimen with him.  I noticed two things that make me believe this time I will keep my weight off.  First, I lost over twenty-five pounds in three months with little apparent effort.  I did not obsess over the diet or complain about it.  I simply followed an old diet that I had used.  Second, I broke old habits, such as snacking in the middle of the day, making excuses for skipping exercises, and eating after I am full.  There is a calmness to Don’s approach that I found most effective, and I recommend him highly."

Bob Yoches, Potomac, MD

"During previous dental procedures, I've always been tense. Tight grip on the chair's arms, tense.  This time I was about to go through a wisdom tooth extraction.  With Don's help, I was able to stay calm and relaxed during the procedure, greatly diminishing my discomfort!  The personnel also said I was doing great, in recovery terms.  Thank you, Don!"

Maria Ramirez, Northern Mexico

"One of the best investments I've ever made is hypnotherapy with Don.  The techniques that i learned from him to help identify and manage my anger and its triggers has made me feel more in control.  Don's sensitivity and thoughtfulness helped me get to a place that I had been struggling to get to for nearly twenty years."

Denise Young, Silver Spring, MD

"From the moment I walked in the room, I felt I was in the care of a professional.  I came to break a habit, and with Don's guidance, I left feeling confident and capable of moving through my life cigarette free."

Elise Bryant, Silver Spring, MD

"I just have to say that working with Don was a great experience.  His knowledge of hypnosis assured me I was getting the most out of my sessions with him.  In my attempts at good healthy weight loss I have tried everything – but my work with Don and a great eating plan has me on the path to permanent, healthy weight control!  I can’t thank him enough for his help."

Larry Smoot, Silver Spring, MD

"I was severely allergic to cats for 20 years and could not visit friends who own cats. My eyes would be red and painful, I'd sneeze and sometimes my face would swell up just after touching a cat and forgetting to wash my hands afterward. After one session with Don, I was able to go play with the kitties in the pet store, with no bad effects whatsoever! This will enable me to visit family members who have cats. Hypnosis works."

Catherine S., Rockville, MD

"Your last session literally changed my life. The session left me with energy to take important steps in my life - I went out to my first speed dating event the following night. There I met a person I share an incredible connection with. That person helped me take the next steps. Now I'm set to move out to a new apartment, I have new clothes and a new outlook on life. And it has been 10 days. I've never been hypnotized before and came in for a completely different issue. But Don realized my state and taught me techniques for mastering my power self and dealing with difficult situations in my life. This literally changed my life."

Alex, Washington, D.C.

"This is a most interesting process going on here, as I notice more things happening in my weight loss efforts. First of all, I am getting much better about avoiding the night-time (i.e. after dinner and after bedtime) eating. I find that if I eat fruit after dinner (either grapes, a pear, sometimes a banana) it seems to satisfy my desire for something sweet, and I am not craving baked sweets or ice cream. We had a box of "Nutty Buddies" (which I love) in the downstairs freezer and I didn't have a single one. In fact, I didn't even think about them at all. They were NOT calling my name. When I restarted Weight Watchers, I made it a goal to just tough it out for 3 weeks and have NO processed sweets or baked goods, hoping to stop the cravings for those unhealthy foods. It seems to have worked! During that time, my husband coincidentally bought me a large bar of dark chocolate (a very high percentage of cocoa and little sugar). Normally I could have eaten the whole thing, but I decided to put it in the freezer and save it for when I really wanted some chocolate. So it lasted for a couple of weeks, and I just ate one or two squares at a time and put the rest back in the freezer. The other day, when I was at Trader Joes I saw a similar bar at the checkout and contemplated buying it and keeping it in the freezer again, but I decided NOT TO!! I thought that also was pretty amazing. With very little difficulty, I resisted the temptation. In 5 weeks at WW I've lost almost 5 lbs (4.6). This is really good for me, because I am a very slow loser. I have been consistent about tracking what I eat (that was one of my goals for the hypnosis) and following the program's guidelines (my main goal for the hypnosis). I have been keeping up with exercise, which I started doing after the hypnosis sessions were over. I usually exercise 5-7 days a week, either Pilates (2x/wk.) or walking either outside or in the building at work or at the gym. I generally walk between 2-3 miles per outing. The most interesting thing to me is that my cravings have really decreased. When people bring sweets to work they don't tempt me. I am able to see that they are either not really that enticing (i.e. they're not high quality) or, in a couple of cases when they WERE really good (home-baked, for example, by a really good baker) I had tiny pieces. . . .  I'm very happy with the results of the sessions, and am looking forward to long-term success."

Ruth, Silver Spring, MD

"I have been great.  I feel fine and have been very positive with life. I have seen my x and can say I have finally moved on with someone better and am extremely happy and satisfied."

Yasmina Hernandez, Takoma Park, MD

"My son seems to be doing quite well!  He feels he benefited from your session!  He says he is feeling better.  Thank YOU so MUCH!"

Laura Rodriguez, Silver Spring, MD

"I just wanted to let you know that I reached my 145-148 target a couple of weeks ago (i.e., about a 22-pound loss) and have been holding steady since.  Even better, I got some lab results back today and they were super:  triglycerides way down, good cholesterol up, blood sugar back down into the healthy range.  Now I just need to stay the course, which I plan to do.  So, thanks a lot."

Rich K., Silver Spring, MD

"I found Dr, Pelles to be extremely professional and a great help.  Not only did the hypnotherapy treatments help stop my overeating, but they also helped me learn things that were buried deep inside.  I highly recommend Dr. Pelles for those looking for a qualified hypnotherapist who is for real."

Louis Levner, Falls Church, VA