Hypnosis Per Se

Hypnosis Per Se · 30. March 2020
If you are stressed or worried in these terrible times, you may want to consider doing a few sessions with me online. I am a hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach. I guide clients to resolve their short- and longer-term issues, so they can live their lives fully.

Hypnosis Per Se · 30. July 2015
It’s a bright, relatively warm day in early December; I’m having lunch with my friend Marlena (of “But I Don’t FEEL Sixty …” fame) at the Little Bakery Café.

Hypnosis Per Se · 22. July 2015
In 50s comic books, there were ads for a book, HOW TO GET GIRLS WITH HYPNOSIS - every adolescent boy's dream, right, to use hypnosis to seduce women. But the message in the book was a little different: learn "SA Hypnosis" (self-hypnosis) and work on yourself!

Hypnosis Per Se · 17. July 2015
Finding more hypnosis, finally training and becoming a hypnotherapist myself. then more training, more experience, including Core Transformation, pain control, and PTSD.

Hypnosis Per Se · 16. July 2015
I have been interested in hypnosis since I was a child. I used to watch Smilin’ Ed’s Gang on TV (later Andy’s Gang, after Smilin’ Ed McConnell died and Andy Devine took over), starting around age 7. There, “Froggy the Gremlin,” that irascible puppet, would introduce the day’s story, one of several serials. (Froggy could be very disrespectful to adults; he has been blamed for the youth rebellion of the 60s, though I doubt that all of it was his fault.)

Hypnosis Per Se · 11. July 2015
I often wonder what is going through a new client’s mind when she or he comes into my office. What are they expecting? What are they feeling? Curiosity? Excitement? Apprehension (“What’s this guy going to do to me?”)?

Hypnosis Per Se · 06. July 2015
One evening in a Hypnosis Practice Group, I was part of a group of three practicing “simple” hypnotic inductions on each other. The Practice Group was part of the Hypnosis-NLP DC Area Meetup, a Meetup.com group I helped organize.

Hypnosis Per Se · 20. June 2015
From a deep trance state, I will invite your unconscious to find a past timeline or life that has relevance to a particular issue you are dealing with or wish to understand more about, or that is especially relevant to what you are experiencing in your life now. What happens next can be fascinating and, often, profoundly moving, to both you as explorer and to me as your guide. I do not interpret or explain; I only help you get where you want to go. What you experience is your experience; the m