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Commentary · 10. May 2017
by Donald Pelles, Ph.D., Certified Hypnotherapist I heard Shawn Talbott speak on a teleseminar a couple weeks ago, about cortisol and testosterone and their role in stress, weight reduction, and health. I was impressed – the man seemed to know what he’s talking about and everything he said resonated with things I already knew, half-knew, or suspected:

Commentary · 31. January 2016
People settle, for things in their lives they don’t really like, that they feel powerless to change. I work with both the conscious and unconscious aspects, sometimes indirectly, in ways that engender changes on both of these levels. I enable and empower my clients to open up to new directions and possibilities, to new ways of feeling, thinking, doing, and being.

But Do I Still Need to Exercise?
Weight Control · 08. December 2015
So you are eating less and enjoying it more, calibrating yourself, you’ve learned how to handle restaurants and holidays. Now perhaps you are wondering, “But do I still need to exercise?” Here is one way to look at it. If you ate nothing, you would lose weight – quickly. Somewhere between zero and the amount you were eating, there is a point at which your weight will stabilize, and just below that, begin to come down – with or without you exercising. So strictly speaking, you do not...

Weight Control · 26. July 2015
So you say restaurants are your downfall? You’ve been bringing your weight down, or maintaining it, according to plan. Shopping, cooking, eating healthy, in control, doing fine. And then you find yourself eating out with your spouse or a friend, or maybe traveling. Automatic setback? Will you pay the check, then pay by cutting back the next two days? Here are Don’s Tips, just for you.

Weight Control · 25. July 2015
“I envy guys like you.” Dave sits beside me on the bench. We’ve just finished two sets of tennis and now we are resting, watching a pair warming up on the court we just vacated.

Weight Control · 24. July 2015
Really — it’s not (unless you’re in the food business, of course, or you’re malnourished). Food is (can be) nutritious, it can be fun, enjoyable, tasty, delicious, or interesting – but it is not important.

Instilling “Grit” – Exchange Between Renee Stephens and Donald Pelles
Renée Stephens, Ph.D., is the author of Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food and Your Life-From the Inside Out; available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books a Million. She is also the creator of Inside Out Weight Loss, A Mindful and Transformative Approach to Lasting Weight Loss.