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Relationships · 13. July 2015
Is it possible to be hypnotized to completely forget another person (such as your ex)? Even if it is, this might not be such a good idea.

Relationships · 10. July 2015
Nearly everyone has the ability to view a relationship or situation from the perspective of another person, to imagine what that other is seeing, hearing, feeling, and thinking. In fact, we do this all the time – we are continually assessing others’ states of mind, their intentions, what they might say or do next. It’s a mostly unconscious process, a faculty we are born with and continue to develop as we grow.

Living, Aging · 23. June 2015
NLP offers some remarkable ways to heal grief, to remove the obsessive sense of loss, while retaining, even amplifying the pleasant memories associated with the person or faculty that is gone (or is expected to be lost) and using these as resources for the path ahead.

There is a lovely NLP process, “Reconnecting to Self”, that serves as a guide to releasing overly dependent ties to another person. In their place, those ties are reconnected – to one’s self.