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Donald Pelles, Ph.D.

is a Hypnotherapist certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), and a Spiritual Life Coach.



Have you noticed, you can get used to anything! Including things about your life that you don’t like, but you don’t think can be changed.


I will work with you on both the conscious and unconscious levels, in ways that may seem indirect, guiding you to make changes in both aspects.


I will enable and empower you, to find new directions and possibilities that you may not have imagined before, new ways of feeling, doing, thinking, and being.


Donald began his hypnotherapy practice in August of 2007, after many years as a software developer. He has found in this work a fulfilling life path that he had never before experienced.


Clients describe a soothing presence they feel in Donald's presence, his calm and hypnotic voice, and the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere he has created, an envelope of connection and rapport enabling the resolution of their difficult and long-standing issues.


Donald also employs techniques of NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming),  sometimes described as "waking hypnosis," in particular the paradigms of Core Transformation and Wholeness, which utilize profound altered states and spirituality to bring about change and personal growth.


Donald was a mathematics professor at UNC and lived 17 years in Chapel Hill and Durham. His spouse, Rosalyn, grew up in Winston-Salem and graduated from North Carolina Central University, and all three of their children were born in North Carolina. Donald and Rosalyn spend several weeks of every summer at Topsail Beach (see the photo below). They have family in Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Swansboro and close friends in Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, and Charlotte. 


We Can Help

Do you  want to quit smoking – you know it’s bad for you – but  you haven’t  been able make it permanent?  We can help. 


Have you almost given up on ever being the slim, trim, fit person you dream of being?  We can help. 


Is chronic pain dominating your life? Have you been diagnosed with Fibromialgia or IBS? We can help. 


Do you have trouble driving over bridges or riding  in elevators? Are you afraid to fly?  We can help. 


Do you feel you’re not living up to your potential? Do you sabotage yourself? Start things but don’t finish them?  We can help. 


Do you find yourself unable to stop  biting your nails or pulling at your hair?
Do you grind or clench your teeth (bruxism)?  We can help.

Are you about to have surgery and would you like to lessen  the swelling, bruising, bleeding, and pain, and then  heal easily and quickly?  We can help. 



Would you like to improve your performance, in sports, music, dance, or something else? We can help with that too.


Your last session literally changed my life. The session left me with energy to take important steps in my life - I went out to my first speed dating event the following night. There I met a person I share an incredible connection with. That person helped me take the next steps. Now I'm set to move out to a new apartment, I have new clothes and a new outlook on life. And it has been 10 days. I've never been hypnotized before and came in for a completely different issue. But Don realized my state and taught me techniques for mastering my power self and dealing with difficult situations in my life. This literally changed my life.

- Alex,


I just wanted to let you know that I reached my 145-148 target a couple of weeks ago (i.e., about a 22-pound loss) and have been holding steady since.  Even better, I got some lab results back today and they were super:  triglycerides way down, good cholesterol up, blood sugar back down into the healthy range.  Now I just need to stay the course, which I plan to do.  So, thanks a lot.

- Rich K., Silver Spring, MD


Hypnotherapy sessions in North Carolina with Hypnosis Silver Spring, over the Internet
Malcolm Pelles on the beach at Topsail Island, NC




I listens attentively to your concerns. I skillfully utilize hypnosis and NLP to empower you and enable you to make the changes you desire.


Hypnotherapy is a highly effective and efficient way to help you feel better and make lasting changes.

I've never been hypnotized before and came in for a completely different issue. But Don realized my state and taught me techniques for mastering my power self and dealing with difficult situations in my life. This literally changed my life.

- Alex


Dr. Pelles is fantastic. He is able to book appointments that fit my crazy work schedule, and is flexible if my schedule changes. I love that I learn exercises that I can do at home outside of office sessions, and they are all different. Additionally, I never feel like I’m in a cookie-cutter scripted program – each session is customized to me and what is going on in my life. If you’re thinking of trying hypnotherapy, I highly recommend it, and doing it here!

- Dee B., Augusta, GA

I found Dr, Pelles to be extremely professional and a great help.  Not only did the hypnotherapy treatments help stop my overeating, but they also helped me learn things that were buried deep inside.  I highly recommend Dr. Pelles for those looking for a qualified hypnotherapist who is for real.

- Louis Levner, Falls Church, VA