How Hypnotherapy is Used

Most hypnotherapy websites include long lists of the many issues for which hypnotherapy can be used. Bottom line, a highly skilled hypnotherapist can deal effectively with virtually any issue a client presents. The 'issue' is not as important as the hypnotherapist's skill in work with client's unconscious to collaborate on resolving to whatever energies or emotions underlie the issue. 


In particular, using Core Transformation and Wholeness we can address the fears, anxieties, sadness, and other emotions that underlie the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors we want to explore or change.


My work is effectively summarized as Hypnotherapy for Health & Happiness, Medical Hypnotherapy and Dental Hypnotherapy. A few issues are listed for each. But those are just the issues. To get a better idea of how Donald works, see his blog posts on issues like Sports Hypnosis or Grief, or hypnosis for weight loss Kensington.