Weight Loss With Hypnosis

We hear you.

You’ve tried everything for weight loss.  Diets.  Will power.  Maybe you did a cleanse or a detox.  You exercise, or you did for a while.

And sometimes it worked – for a while: the numbers on the scale came begrudgingly down and you lost 10, 15, even 20 pounds.  You started to feel better; you looked better.  And then – you don’t quite know how – maybe denying yourself to that extent, being so good all the time, like being in a straight jacket one day too many, became too much.  Maybe you got really stressed, you were on the road a lot, or you had a crisis in your life.  And in no time, it seemed, it was all out the window.

A couple cycles like that and you’ve even found yourself thinking about liposuction.  Or bariatric surgery.  But then you’ve heard the horror stories and about how a lot of people gain it back even after the surgery.  And anyway, the idea kind of gives you the creeps.

When what you’re doing is not working, do something else.

“Ok,” you say, “Hypnotize me so I won’t want chocolate.”  Well – you probably need something more than that.

When you work with Dr. Pelles, you will change your relationship to food – and your relationship to yourself, for good.

Our Program for Weight Loss
We work with you utilizing hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and Energy Medicine.  We teach you self hypnosis.  Our program is designed for you as an individual, with your own beliefs, personal qualities, issues, and history.

Overall, in general, here are the main elements:

We work to clarify and sharpen your motivations –
 why do you want weight loss? The things you’re trying to get away from - your Away-From motivations – get you started.  But it’s the Toward motivations that pull you forward: the healthy fit person you want to be, wearing clothes you love, looking great and feeling great – these get stronger as you approach your goal.  We also discover the states of being that lie at your very core, illuminating your motivations in the light of your deepest, most cherished values. 

Inner Conflicts
Part of you wants
 this but another part of you wants that.  Your inner conflicts sabotage your good intentions.  These inner conflicts can hold you back or return you to Square One, unless you recognize them and resolve them.

Self-Correction and Self-Forgiveness
 are going to slip-up now and then – you cannot and should not expect to move toward your weight loss goal in a perfectly straight line.  And beating yourself up takes you in the wrong directions: you berate yourself for your lapses, so you feel bad.  And what do you do when you feel bad?  Yes – you eat, to feel better.

We show you how to get back on track, by finding and invoking resources within yourself, allowing a better outcome.  No blame here, no regrets – you forgive yourself on the way to becoming the you you want to be.

Triggers, Fears, and Limiting Beliefs
We identify your trigger foods and situations and transform those compulsions into a relaxed, take-it-or-leave-it attitude.  Your fears and your limiting beliefs – about yourself and food – have held you back.  We transform them, into beliefs and attitudes that
 empower you to reach your goal and maintain it.

Are you hungry – really?
You will learn to sense and understand your body’s signals.  Your body tells you when you are cold or too warm; it also tells you when you need food, when you should eat, and when to stop.  You will learn to
 know and listen to yourself, restoring your mind-body-gut connection so that it once again works as designed.

What do you eat?
You love to eat, right?  We will show you how to enjoy eating
 even more, to relish and delight in eating.  And you thought this was going to be about deprivation!

How do you decide what to eat?  “I see it, I eat it?”  We extend the scope of your satisfaction: “If I eat this, how will I feel in an hour?  In two, three hours?”  Soon you find yourself making different choices.

Persistence, intention, and feeling good about yourself
Our weight loss program gives you the mental tools to bring your size and weight down, reducing a pound or two per week, most weeks, until you are where you want to be.   You will learn “relaxed intention,”
 allowing what you want rather than demanding it, and feeling good about yourself the whole time.

With the mental tools you have learned and your new empowering attitudes and beliefs, you will maintain the size and weight you want – this fit, healthy you – on and on and on, for as long as you desire.