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Living, Aging · 02. August 2015
I heard this joke the other day: A new man checks into the nursing home and one of the women residents begins to question him.

Medical · 09. July 2015
Imagine yourself – relaxed and at-ease in the dental chair.

Commentary · 07. July 2015
Bedside Manners: The Pain Clinician’s Guide to Effective Medical Communication, by Michael Ellner, MSH, CHT Review by Donald Pelles, Ph.D., CHt.

Pain Control · 27. June 2015
Here is a pain control technique that anyone can use, to remove or lessen pain anywhere in the body in just a few minutes.

Medical · 24. June 2015
To my delight, everything came out exactly as scripted: the cutting was easy and quick, I had very little bleeding, and afterwards, almost no swelling or bruising. And no pain — I never took a single pill!

An Allergy is a Mistake Your Immune System Makes
An allergy is a mistake – a phobia in your immune system. It has, at some point, misidentified a harmless substance as a poison or parasite. Using NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programing) and hypnosis, we re-program your immune system and eliminate the allergic reaction.