An Allergy is a Mistake Your Immune System Makes

An allergy is a mistake – a phobia in your immune system. It has, at some point, misidentified a harmless substance as a poison or parasite.  Using NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programing) and hypnosis, we re-program your immune system and eliminate the allergic reaction.


The process works best when you know specifically what you are allergic to.  “Oak pollen” is better than just “pollen;” “Cats” is better than “pets.”

Your immune system is part of the mind/body system.  It is in constant contact with your brain and your limbic system; it sometimes acts independently of other systems in the body.  Your immune system is always on guard to protect your body from harmful substances.  It is composed of several different kinds of cells, each with its own function.

Macrophages are octopus-like white blood cells.  They search out foreign elements which enter the body and ingest and eliminate them.  When they encounter something dangerous they take action: they set up little flags with a part of the dangerous substance attached.
Helper T-Cells rush in when a macrophage’s flag goes up.  They have little markers on their sides, like molecular key holes.  If the markers match the macrophage’s flag element, the killer T-cells are called up.

These killer T-cells come in and release histamine (hence antihistamines for allergies), which explodes and destroys the dangerous substance, ending (hopefully) the threat.

Allergies occur when the immune system makes a mistake, identifying a non-dangerous substance (pollen, cat substances, etc.) as dangerous, a poison.  Dust, pollen, and other allergens are not dangerous to the body.  But once a substance has been flagged by the macrophages and categorized as a danger, it will always cause an allergic reaction until the immune system is re-educated.

In order to reprogram your immune system, we will use light hypnosis, a simple NLP procedure, visualization, and some hypnotic suggestions for reinforcement.  Because the immune system is in constant communication with the brain and limbic system, we are able in this way to teach the immune system to stop treating the non-dangerous substance as a poison and eliminate it in the usual way as with other non-dangerous substances.

I was severely allergic to cats for 20 years and could not visit friends who owned cats. My eyes would be red and painful, I’d sneeze and sometimes my face would swell up just after touching a cat and forgetting to wash my hands afterward. After one session with Don, I was able to go play with the kitties in the pet store, with no bad effects whatsoever! This will enable me to visit family members who have cats. Hypnosis works.”
Catherine S., Rockville

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