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Mind Tricks for Pain
Pain Control · 30. May 2021
Pain is all in the mind By this I don’t mean that pain is not real – it is very real when you are experiencing it! Pain involves a signal, from a nerve, say – but the signal is not the pain. The pain, the suffering, is what your brain does with the signal. And our brains have the capability to modify, or even ignore the signal, and with it, change or even eliminate the pain!

Anxiety and Stress · 31. March 2020
Guiding you into a wonderful, relaxed, enhanced, altered state of mind. Enjoy!

Hypnosis Per Se · 22. July 2015
In 50s comic books, there were ads for a book, HOW TO GET GIRLS WITH HYPNOSIS - every adolescent boy's dream, right, to use hypnosis to seduce women. But the message in the book was a little different: learn "SA Hypnosis" (self-hypnosis) and work on yourself!

Medical · 09. July 2015
Imagine yourself – relaxed and at-ease in the dental chair.

Commentary · 07. July 2015
Bedside Manners: The Pain Clinician’s Guide to Effective Medical Communication, by Michael Ellner, MSH, CHT Review by Donald Pelles, Ph.D., CHt.

How To Get Unstuck
Anxiety and Stress · 25. June 2015
Imagine yourself, just for a moment, totally free of everything and anything that is holding you back. Imagine a you that is completely ready, willing and able to get more out of life. If you can do that, you are on your way.