How To Get Unstuck

The How to Get Unstuck™ program enables you to re-program yourself for a happy, healthy and more effective life. The secret? — learning to use your imagination to get everything you want out of life.

Imagine yourself, just for a moment, totally free of everything and anything that is holding you back. Imagine a you that is completely ready, willing and able to get more out of life. If you can do that, you are on your way.

I’m sitting outside at the Little Bakery, eating lunch with Marcus. We get together about once a month, to keep in touch and catch up.

“Do you ever feel …?” He looks at me, putting down his fork.

In the middle of my Cobb salad, I look up, receptive. It’s a warm day, tending to hot, but under the large blue and white umbrella we are very comfortable.

“Like, you, um, I mean, you know, things are just not going anywhere?” he manages to get out.

I shrug. He’s not really asking me a question.

He picks up his fork, takes a bite. “Sometimes I think,” he continues, “there are things I want to do.”

I put down my fork; looking up, open. “Like?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Things. Like maybe lose a few pounds. Get in better shape. Play some tennis again. Or write.”

“I didn’t know you were a writer,” I say.

“Well, I used to, a little. I think I’d like to try it some again.” He pauses, looks down. “I really should do something with this job. Or maybe something completely different.” He smiles at me. “Hey, here I am laying a trip on you.”

“No, it’s fine. Go ahead, I’m listening.”

“There’s so much I could do,” he resumes. “Don’t you ever feel –?” He grins, shaking his head. “I feel, a lot, that there’s so much more I could be getting out of life.”

“Sounds good,” I say. “So what’s stopping you?”

He looks up to his right, then down; seems to nod to himself. “Me, I guess,” he says, looking back at me. “I get down on myself. I procrastinate. I worry about things. Maybe I start something, but it doesn’t go anywhere. I’m in a rut. Can’t get off my duff. I’m stuck.”

What would it be like for you if your everyday fears no longer limited you and held you back? Lock onto that positive image of yourself and you have everything you need to reprogram yourself for a happy, healthy and more effective life.

This is a powerful program — “mental martial art” is a good description. You will be changed, or rather, you will change yourself.

How to Get Unstuck includes seven sessions:

1. Relaxing Your Body and Quieting Your Mind

Learn to relax deeply and quiet your mind with the Basic Exercise, a combination of self-hypnosis and meditation. Then intensely be in the moment by expanding your senses to simultaneously take in everything around you. Begin practicing these every day (adding to them with each subsequent session).

2. Develop Your Focusing Skills & Imagination Abilities

Starting with the Basic Exercise, take yourself into “The Zone” to mentally practice basketball shooting, a tennis serve or dance moves (Tai Chi, Jujitsu, gymnastics, etc.). Develop a Power Image – a complete see-hear-feel-smell-taste representation of yourself as you want and intend to be, experienced from the inside – that pulls you out of your stuck state.

3. Detox Painful Memories

Detoxify upsetting, painful emotions. Replace them with feelings of competence, confidence, and enthusiasm. Release blame and guilt with powerful Forgiveness (of self and others) exercises. Record such sessions to take with you and continue practicing at home.

4. Conquer Anxiety

Conquer anxiety. Stop planning for disaster. Put cares and worries in a closet and bolt the door. Learn to let go! Reset your DNA for healing, vitality, and natural balance.

5. Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Reconnect with your Inner Child as an ally in realizing your vision and following your dreams. Deactivate whatever it is that triggers unwanted habits and behaviors you have inadvertently picked up over the years. Re-condition yourself for healthy and productive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Re-balancing your body’s energy centers.

6. Creatively Manage Stress and Overcome Fears with Self-Confidence

Re-program yourself to handle previously stressful or bothersome situations with ease, confidence and self-assurance. Empower yourself for lasting change.

7. Put it all Together

Practice ongoing exercises to remain unstuck.

Donald’s role in “How to Get Unstuck” is as coach. “Stuck” is not a symptom or condition; it is a collection of attitudes and behaviors you have inadvertently learned over the years, that are triggered unconsciously. Donald coaches you to develop self-regulating skills and abilities that allow you to deactivate triggers, thereby removing blocks, fears, and maladaptive habits of thinking and acting (and not acting!); the limitations that have held you back.

How To Get Unstuck™ is a program originated by Michael Ellner and Alan Barsky.

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