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Sports Hypnosis · 02. May 2017
Mental performance training may go under a variety of assumed names: “guided meditation”, “guided imagery”, or “relaxation”, but it all comes down to an altered state of focused attention and heightened suggestibility – that is to say, hypnosis. In this altered state of mind the athlete can rehearse her strokes, moves, or routines, learn to control her emotional state, & dissolve the negative thinking and blocks that had been interfering with her giving her all and realizing her full potential.

Sports Hypnosis · 02. May 2017
Your best performance comes when you remain relax, even during maximum exertion.

Sports Hypnosis · 14. February 2017
Body building involves more than physical actions – it also requires a particular mindset that enables the person to stick to his/her fitness routines. Developing this mindset is something that not everyone does, so not everyone becomes successful at building their muscles.