Past Life Regression

Many of us have certain feelings or hunches that do not seem to have explanations in our histories or conscious memories:

  • You feel an uncanny connection with someone – positive or negative – as though you have known that person before somehow, intimately, yet you barely know him or her or perhaps not at all.
  • You sense a strong affinity to a certain time and/or place (Scotland in the 1700s, say), though you have never been there and really know very little about that place or period.
  • You have certain tastes in music, art, jewelry or clothes that you cannot account for: you were never exposed to these things and know almost nothing about them, yet somehow they resonate deep within you.
  • You sometimes have a weird sense of being or having been someone else, that you cannot explain or even pin down.
  • You dream repeatedly of being in another place and time.
  • You are at a transition point in your life and it feels like, somehow, you have gone through all this before.
  • You have a feeling somewhere in your body, a pain, stiffness, or an ache, that neither you nor any doctor has ever been able to explain, yet it persists and refuses to go away.
  • Sometimes one of your parents feels to you more like your child, or your child more like a parent or sibling.
  • You feel the need for some guidance in your life, but have never found anyone or anything able to provide what you need.

Exploring past lives may give you answers or clues to these kinds of mysteries. From a deep trance state, I will invite your unconscious to find a past timeline or life that has relevance to a particular issue you are dealing with or wish to understand more about, or that is especially relevant to what you are experiencing in your life now.

What happens next can be fascinating and, often, profoundly moving, to both you as explorer and to me as your guide. I do not interpret or explain; I only help you get where you want to go. What you experience is your experience; the meanings are your meanings. I am there with you, to assist you and support you.

A session of Past Life Regression requires at least 2 hours.

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