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Donald Pelles, Ph.D.

is a Hypnotherapist certified by the IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association), and a Spiritual Life Coach.


Donald guides his clients to resolve their short- and longer-term issues, so they can have more choices in their lives and don’t have to “settle.”

People settle, for things in their lives they don’t really like, that they feel powerless to change.


I work with both the conscious and unconscious aspects, sometimes indirectly, in ways that engender changes on both of these levels.


I enable and empower my clients to open up to new directions and possibilities, to new ways of feeling, thinking, doing, and being.

Donald began hypnotherapy in 2007, after many years as a software developer, and before that, a mathematics professor at UNC Chapel Hill. He has found in this work a life path that is fulfilling in ways that nothing previous had even approached.


Clients remark on the sense of calm they feel in Donald's presence, his soothing and hypnotic voice, and the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere he creates, all leading to an aura of connection and rapport that enables the resolution of their difficult and long-standing issues. That same sense of connection carries over to online hypnosis sessions, which are every bit as effective as working in-person.


Donald also employs techniques of NLP (NeuroLinguistics) - in particular the powerful paradigms of Core Transformation and Wholeness, which utilize profound altered states and spirituality to engender change and personal growth.


Donald lived in North Carolina for 17 years, moving from Chapel Hill to Durham in 1975.. His wife, Rosalyn, grew up in Winston-Salem and graduated from North Carolina Central University, and all three of their children were born in North Carolina. The couple spends part of every summer at Topsail Beach (see the photo below). Donald and Rosalyn have family in Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Swansboro and keep in close touch with friends in Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, and Charlotte. 



We Can Help

Have you tried almost everything to quit smoking, knowing you should quit, wanting to quit, but just not been able do it?  We can help. 


Have you despaired of ever being the slim, trim, fit person you dream of being?  We can help. 


Is chronic pain (Fibromyalgia, IBS, or something else) diminishing or ruining your life?  We can help. 


Do you have difficulty, or are you unable to drive over bridges, ride in elevators, go to the dentist, or fly in airplanes?  We can help. 


Do you sabotage yourself or procrastinate?  Do you know you can be so much more, do so much more – but you feel stuck?  We can help. 


Is there a habit you would like to stop: biting your fingernails, pulling your hair out, grinding and clenching your teeth?  We can help. 


Are you about to have surgery and would you like to minimize the swelling, bruising, bleeding, and pain, healing easily and quickly?  We can help. 


Play better golf or tennis?  Yes, we can help with that too.

Some of the issues Donald helps clients resolve are:

  • weight loss
  • stopping smoking and other addictions
  • handling and reducing stress
  • anxiety, phobias and grief
  • trauma
  • getting restful sleep
  • alleviating physical pain
  • Fibromyalgia & IBS
  • preparation for surgery & recovery
  • bruxism (grinding teeth, clenching jaws)
  • improving relationships
  • enhancing athletic performance


I experienced life changing results after only a few sessions with Don Pelles. His one-on-one guidance has given me the skills and knowledge to navigate the course I chose. Today I am in much better health, confident and calm, and look forward each day as I use to when in the gym each morning @ 4:30AM. A little history follows..... I struggled for months (probably years) to seek clarity on why I seem to have lost drive and optimism and sense of direction. My anxiety and stress continued to escalate as I found myself increasingly making excuses for not having control of my own professional and personal wellbeing and outcome. My physical health declined as I withdrew from activities I once enjoyed that kept me balanced and energized. Whether you call it fate or something spiritual I am thankful to have met Don. His stewardship on helping me understand how to exercise control of my life was the best gift ever to myself.

- Phil Jones


Don Pelles uses a combination of Core Transformation and NLP to help you create lasting, positive changes in your life. For those who may be stuck in unhealthy ways of acting, thinking, or feeling, Don meets you where you are and intuitively, gently guides you away-for good. I came to Don after several other forms of counseling had fallen far short of what I needed. The rapid reorientation in my life that has occurred during my three months working with Don is really astounding. It may not be miraculous, but it's close. I truly believe that his spiritual strength gets transmitted to his clients, and they leave his office feeling renewed and reborn.

- Leslie, Durham, NC


Hypnotherapy sessions in North Carolina with Hypnosis Silver Spring, over the Internet
Son Malcolm Pelles on the beach at Topsail Island, NC




Donald listens attentively to your concerns. He skillfully utilizes hypnosis and NLP (Neurolinguistics) to empower you and enable you to make the changes you desire.


Hypnotherapy is a highly effective and efficient way to help you feel better and make lasting changes.

"I've never been hypnotized before and came in for a completely different issue. But Don realized my state and taught me techniques for mastering my power self and dealing with difficult situations in my life. This literally changed my life."

- Alex


"Dr. Pelles is fantastic. He is able to book appointments that fit my crazy work schedule, and is flexible if my schedule changes. I love that I learn exercises that I can do at home outside of office sessions, and they are all different. Additionally, I never feel like I’m in a cookie-cutter scripted program – each session is customized to me and what is going on in my life. If you’re thinking of trying hypnotherapy, I highly recommend it, and doing it here!"

- Dee B., Augusta, GA