Hypnotherapy for Health and Happiness

Smoking Cessation

Within three sessions a majority of Donald’s clients are done with tobacco. Over 75% have remained smoke-free for over one year.

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Weight Control

Dr. Pelles guides and enables you to change your relationship with food, so you reach and maintain your desired size and weight - without dieting or deprivation. Over 10 hours or 20 hours (depending upon how much weight you want to lose) you will refine your motivation, balance your stress, end emotional eating, transform limiting beliefs, eat less and enjoy it more, and renew your motivation to exercise. 

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Sports Performance

Athletes can improve performance via modeling and visualization, mental state control, changing time perception and moderating anxiety; each of which is a form of hypnosis.

Getting Unstuck

Far too many people feel stuck in their life. They sabotage themselves and are unable to move forward. Donald teaches a combination of self-hypnosis and meditation to be practiced several times per day. He then guides clients to cope with stress and reduce anxiety, re-programming themselves for a happier, healthier and more effective life.