An Update on my practice
Commentary · 20. July 2022
An Update On My Practice

Mind Tricks for Pain
Pain Control · 30. May 2021
Pain is all in the mind By this I don’t mean that pain is not real – it is very real when you are experiencing it! Pain involves a signal, from a nerve, say – but the signal is not the pain. The pain, the suffering, is what your brain does with the signal. And our brains have the capability to modify, or even ignore the signal, and with it, change or even eliminate the pain!

Medical · 27. November 2020
Working with an 85-year-old woman recovering from a stroke, I had her visualize lifting her wrist, over and over again, until finally it moved!

I Haven't Slept in 20 Years!
Anxiety and Stress · 09. October 2020
“I haven’t slept in 20 years,” she said, my new client, Jennifer, a woman in her early 40s. “Of course, she must sleep some,” I thought to myself – we need sleep in order to survive. But clearly, she hadn’t slept nearly enough and probably not very well.

Sessions · 09. October 2020
Addressing bruxism - clenching and grinding of teeth - using Core Transformation.

Smoking Cessation · 04. July 2020
Stop Smoking Bethesda You know that cigarettes cause cancer, right? But do you know that there are dozens of toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke, most of them added? Why are they added, you ask? I can’t say for sure, but the reasons probably include shelf life, evenness of burning, taste, and (to be cynical) to help absorption of nicotine.

Smoking Cessation · 02. July 2020
Coming out of my Kensington office building and seeing people off to the side smoking reminds me of my client Tim, smoke-free now for over 5 years.

Anxiety and Stress · 31. March 2020
Guiding you into a wonderful, relaxed, enhanced, altered state of mind. Enjoy!

Hypnosis Per Se · 30. March 2020
If you are stressed or worried in these terrible times, you may want to consider doing a few sessions with me online. I am a hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach. I guide clients to resolve their short- and longer-term issues, so they can live their lives fully.

The original program of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was to provide therapists ways to use language to correct the over-generalizations, distortions, and deletions in their clients’ models of the world so as to expand their choices in living lives free of pain, anxiety, fears, and suffering. Connirae Andreas’s development of Wholeness Work has shown us a way to resolve the “knots” in our neurology, in more direct and effective ways, enabling us to “awaken and live with ease."

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